Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Resolve to read our newspaper...

Editor’s Notebook — Willis Mahannah

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and even easier to break. But one I hope people make, and keep, is a commitment to pay more  attention to what is happening in their community.
A good way to do that, of course, is to read the newspaper.
In flipping back through the many pages of the 52 issues of the West Point News – and the many, many special sections – that we printed in 2013, I was reminded again of the variety of stories we shared with our readers. Stories, I thought, that too many people didn’t see because either they don’t subscribe to the paper, or they just didn’t get around to reading it. They were stories that needed and deserved to be read by everyone.
Too many times this past year I’ve sat at meetings or was involved in a conversation when I heard someone ask a question about something that, had they read the paper, they would have known.
Our news staff works hard to find meaningful and interesting news to share each week. It’s no fluke that the West Point News has been recognized three straight years by the National Newspaper Association as one of the top weekly newspapers in the nation.
Too often these days people turn to social media to share and receive news. Heck, we’ve even come to accept the fact that we need to have a social media presence, so we post some updates on Twitter and Facebook. This past week, for instance, we used our Facebook page to update the public about efforts to help the Walker family. Those posts were seen by right at 6,000 Facebook users in two days.
Those forms of social media have their purpose, but they can’t replace good newspapers. No one else but the local newspaper is bringing you the stories that matter each week.
Good communities make good newspapers and vice versa.
We know that part of what makes us a good newspaper is that the communities that we live in and cover are comprised of good people and progressive businesses.
Those communities care about their schools, local government, community service and, most importantly, about each other. Once a community stops caring about those things, it won’t be around long. We also care about those things. Let us prove it. Read us.

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